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About The Database:

The ChimpanZoo Database was designed to perform several functions:

  •  Enter, store, and retrieve several different kinds of information
  • Allow the researcher to combine and/or retrieve discrete pieces of
    information from each of the different categories or information stored in the database
  • Perform time consuming routine functions for the database manager
  • To be easy for researchers to learn and use

The combined ChimpanZoo database was created from a relational client/server database that uses tables to organize data. Each table contains a specific kind of information, for example, life history, genealogy, location, medical information, personality assessment test scores, and behavioral data collected about each of over 130 chimpanzees in the program. 

How to Use the Query Site

How to Use the Public Database

The ChimpanZoo Database design makes it easy for researchers to extract information from a single or from several tables at the same time. Thus, a researcher could ask the database to list all the chimpanzees under 6-years-of-age, gender, location, siblings, offspring, behavioral data, etc., with one question. Information about gender, location, offspring, etc., is located on several different tables. The answer to the question (query) is extracted from the appropriate tables and combined to create a new table containing only the information requested. This feature of the Database also makes it easy to add new topics of information to the study as needed.

With all the power the ChimpanZoo Database has for asking and answering complex questions, it is still easy to learn and to operate. This means researchers and students can operate the database after a brief training period.

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